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Why Straight Teeth Matter

Woman SmilingThink your crooked teeth are just a cosmetic burden? Think again. While orthodontics can certainly boost the appearance of your smile, there are some valued benefits that straight teeth can offer towards your dental health too. If you are an adult who has avoided or dismissed orthodontic treatment, we invite you to consider what there is to gain from this investment.

Nearly 75 percent of adults in the United States are affected by some form of malocclusion, which refers to the way your teeth line up and how your teeth fit together when you bite down. Orthodontics can be deemed necessary for issues like wide spacing, crowding, under bites, over bites and more. Regardless of the severity of your misalignment, you'll be happy to know that orthodontic treatment can do more than improve your selfies.

Aligning the Health of Your Smile

When your teeth are properly spaced and aligned, it allows them to do their job without abnormal stress. Crooked teeth can also make it difficult to keep your teeth clean, which leads to a host of oral health issues like decay and gum disease. If not corrected with orthodontics, your jaw, teeth and gums can all suffer over time. In fact, neglecting orthodontics as a teen or adult can lead to the following oral health complications:

  • Premature wear and tear on teeth
  • Jaw pain or TMJ disorder
  • Gum disease
  • Frequent cavities
  • Speech issues
  • Chewing and digestion problems

Keep in mind that these are issues that are not only disruptive, but they can become quite costly to treat. Don't let the upfront expense of orthodontics scare you away from the valued return on your investment.

Modern Orthodontics For the Win!

Are you still reluctant to put yourself in braces as an adult? There's a good chance you can still get the straight and healthy smile you deserve without undergoing months or years in traditional metal braces. Modern orthodontics offers solutions that are ideal for busy adults. For example, Invisalign is a removable clear aligner system that can correct a wide array of alignment issues and bite problems while Six Month Smiles is ideal for fixing gaps and crowding within the front teeth in a short amount of time.

Call Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry today to learn more about how our adult orthodontics can improve your self-confidence and your health!

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