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We Have A Solution For Dental Anxiety

Woman Under Sedation in Dentist ChairPeninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has a solution for you if you have dental anxiety or something called White Coat Syndrome. If you’re wondering what White Coat Syndrome is, it has to do with your blood pressure. It occurs when you have a normal blood pressure at home, but it rises when you visit a doctor or dental office. The name of this condition comes from doctors, dentists or other medical professionals who sometimes wear white coats in their professional setting. It is typically a doctor-associated level of anxiety 

If you experience a bit of anxiety when you visit the dental office it is not uncommon. If you experience anxiety about having your blood pressure taken or while at the dental office Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has some solutions for you to have a calm dental experience.

Lightwalker Dental Laser

The Lightwalker laser allows our doctors to do many procedures, including fillings, without anesthesia.

The Dental Wand

This wand is a Computer Assisted Anesthesia System that allows single tooth anesthesia.

Sedation Dentistry

In addition to nitrous oxide, Peninsula Dentistry also offers oral and IV sedation options for the different levels of dental anxiety.

Oral Sedation

This involves taking a pill prior to your appointment to help you remain calm, but remember very little of your appointment when you return home.

Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry offers a breadth of services for your peaceful dental experience. We place a priority on your comfort. Contact our office today to discuss your level of dental anxiety and how we can help you get the dental care that you need.

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