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The Dental Wand: A Secret Weapon for Stress-Free Anesthesia

As much as 40 million Americans have a fear of going to the dentist, which frequently stems from a fear of pain. In most cases, this involves the fear of the anesthetic injection or the numbing agent that is used at the beginning of the procedure.

Peninsula Dentistry is proud to offer ways to eliminate anxiety and discomfort from dental visits. By offering a full range of sedation dentistry options as well as revolutionizing how our patients receive injections, we can deliver painless dental procedures to patients of all ages. Whether you are receiving a dental crown or a deep cleaning, we always prioritize your concerns about pain and discomfort.

What is The Dental Wand?

The use of modern technology strongly facilitates our mission to provide comfortable and efficient dental care. When it comes to receiving anesthesia injections, The Wand is an invaluable technology for patient comfort. The Wand is a Computer Assisted Anesthesia System. Not only is it significantly more comfortable than a syringe delivery, but it also allows single tooth anesthesia. Therefore, we can greatly reduce patient anxiety about the injection pain itself as well as the lingering and inconvenient side effects of having an entirely numb mouth afterwards. The Wand strategically eliminates the need to numb a large area of the mouth when we are only working on a single tooth. This means you can return to your daily life without feeling like everyone can tell that you’ve been to the dentist.

The health and beauty of your smile is a valuable investment.  If you are avoiding restorative dental procedures that you need or cosmetic dental services that you want because of a fear of pain or dental injections, Peninsula Dentistry is a place for you.  We offer a full range of dental services with a gentle touch and advanced techniques so that you can achieve the smile you deserve without discomfort.

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