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Teeth Whitening at Home

Dentist offices are beginning to reopen after the Nationwide quarantine, yet the services that many practices can offer are limited. This can be frustrating to people who are most likely to choose springtime as the time each year to have their teeth professionally whitened. Spring is the time when people are starting to get excited about getting out and about. The weather has warmed up, weddings and gatherings are planned, and the atmosphere of our Nation is one of eager anticipation. Yet, many things are still not allowed right now. However, that does not mean that people lose the desire to do something for themselves.

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. It is a non-surgical and affordable procedure that can quickly enhance people’s appearance. With most dental practices unable to offer “cosmetic procedures” at this time, people are scouring the Internet looking for the best options for whitening their teeth at home.

The first thing to know about teeth whitening is that no one can achieve the same results at home as s/he can at the dentist’s office. Dentists offer whitening gel and procedures that can produce results in about an hour, lifting stains and discolorations that whitening strips and over the counter pastes cannot provide.

The second thing to know about whitening at home is that it is not something to be done on a whim. Misuse of over the counter whitening products can result in damage to your teeth and gums and unwanted outcomes. Many people suffer from chemical burns on their gums because they either leave the whitening product on for too long or apply the product inaccurately. Also, OTC teeth whitening products do not take into account any dental issues that you have. If you have a cavity, a tooth that needs a root canal, gum recession, or another type of issue, trying to whiten your teeth at home can make your problems worse.

Before you try any at-home teeth whitening product or procedure, contact Peninsula Dentistry. We will speak with you and give you our recommendations, or we will make an appointment for you to come in as soon as possible!

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