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Is There An Alternative To Flossing?

As 2019 rolled in, has it caused you to reevaluate your habits and set some resolutions? This can be a great practice for the beginning of a new year, however please carefully consider some of the changes you might want to make. One habit you may want to reevaluate is that of dental flossing. You may ask yourself:

“Is there an alternative to flossing?”

At Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we would like to remind you that there is not an alternative to flossing. There are alternate ways to floss, but there is no act that will replace the function and benefits of flossing. 

Alternate Ways to Floss

Now that you’re aware that you must floss one time a day, you can consider alternate ways to get the job done.

  1. Traditional flossing - All you need for this method is a container of floss and your fingers for this method. The American Dental Association details the proper method for flossing on their website here. Please review these steps to ensure you’re flossing properly.
  2. Disposable Floss Picks - The floss on this “Y” shaped plastic tool is strung between the two prongs. By inserting the floss between your teeth you are getting the same benefit as flossing with traditional floss.
  3. Water Flossers - Also known as water picks, use a stream of water to clean between your teeth.
  4. Interdental Brushes - These are useful for people with joint or mobility problems.

Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry would like to remind you to maintain proper dental techniques and habits in 2019. Come in and see us to see how we can continue to help you have a happy and healthy smile.

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