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Your mouth is a complex mechanism that has a direct correlation to the rest of your body. Many people mistakenly believe that they can ignore certain issues within the mouth because they assume that they will just go away on their own. The fact is, however, that the mouth was not designed to heal itself. It will give you warning signs that issues are present, and those warning signs are meant to alert you that you need to visit your dentist before issues compromise your entire oral health.

Gum recession is an issue that many people want to overlook as nothing more than an inconvenience, when in fact it is a very serious problem. The gum tissues provide stabilization to the teeth within the jaw bone and protection of the roots and nerve fibers of each tooth. When gum recession occurs, the roots and nerves of the teeth are exposed. If you regularly experience jolts of pain when eating cold foods, twinges of discomfort when trying to enjoy a hot beverage, or even an aching sensation while breathing in cool air – these are indicators that your gums are receding and need dental treatment. Tooth sensitivity is the most common symptom of gum recession, alerting you that an issue is present. Ignoring gum recession puts your teeth in a vulnerable state and can lead to tooth loss and irreparable gum damage.

Leading causes of gum recession:

  • Aggressive brushing. Applying too much pressure while brushing causes the gums to become damaged and pull away from the teeth.
  • Gum disease. Every day, plaque buildup occurs on the teeth and at the gum line. This plaque is laden with acid-producing bacteria that attack the gum tissues and tooth enamel. If you are not flossing daily, you are allowing plaque to constantly assault your gums, teeth, and complete oral health.
  • Hormonal changes. Women are more prone to hormone-related gum recession due to the huge fluctuations that their bodies go through during puberty, pregnancy (and multiple pregnancies), perimenopause, and menopause.
  • Genetics. If you have a family history of gum recession and/or gum disease, you are more likely to suffer from this condition.
  • Crooked teeth. Teeth that are straight are more than just attractive – they are easier to clean. Crooked teeth can harbor plaque in hard to reach areas that cause damage to the gums.

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