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Getting A Little Sporty This Spring? We Got Ya Covered!

Charleston SC Dentist for Custom Athletic MouthguardsThe warmer temperatures tend to call our names to the great and wonderful outdoors this spring season. Sports teams are beginning to form, as trees are formed with their green leaves popping out of the bare winter branches. It’s a wonderful time of year of newness.

If you are your little ones are planning to try out a new sport, don’t forget your protective wear for your family’s teeth. Often times, new sports require padding, gloves, guards, helmets and so on. What’s often over looked is your teeth.

A custom-made mouthpiece is ideal for protecting the integrity of your teeth. According to dentalcare.com, more than 5 million teeth are avulsed each year and 13-39% of those are during sports related activities. A custom-made mouthpiece has its many advantages.

  • A mouthpiece is only effective if it’s worn! A custom mouthpiece will feel comfortable to wear. Other mouth guards do not feel designed for your specific mouth, so it may feel loose, tight or just not right! Your custom mouthpiece is formed and designed for you and your comfort so you will want to wear it.
  • Your mouthpiece will protect your teeth and also allow you to breathe with maximum capacity. When you mouthpiece is custom-made, it will take all of your functions into consideration. When it is custom to you, it will not obstruct from breathing, which is vital for athletic optimization.
  • Your athlete has a 10% chance of receiving an orofacial injury this season of play. Protect their smiles, your investments and their teeth with a custom mouthpiece.

Call Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for you or your little sporty’s custom athletic mouthpiece today!

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