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Easing Your Fears About Tooth Extraction

When it comes to a tooth that is struggling to survive, there are many specialized dental treatments like root canal therapy, dental crowns and fillings that can save a compromised tooth. However, some teeth are beyond repair or pose a risk to your oral health. In such cases, tooth removal or extraction may be recommended.

A tooth extraction may sound painful, but our gentle dentistry techniques at Peninsula Dentistry make it as quick and comfortable as possible. Not only do we offer a relaxing, soothing environment for our patients, but we also provide sedation dentistry options for those that have anxiety about having a tooth removed. To further put your mind at ease, our office proudly utilizes advanced dental technology for painless dentistry, including the Lightwalker Dental Laser and the Dental Wand for single tooth anesthesia. These tools allow for less pain during treatment and much faster recovery time.

What to Expect with Tooth Removal

Most teeth can be removed in just a few minutes. Front or anterior teeth are the simplest, with incisors and canines only having one root to dislodge. Molars can have 2-4 roots, making them slightly more difficult. Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most commonly performed extraction procedures. Our dentist at Peninsula Dentistry is experienced in removing all types of teeth with little force and stress on the mouth. Once the tooth is removed, the area is sterilized and packed to allow it to heal.

After wisdom teeth removal or other types of tooth extraction, you will be given special instructions on how to care for your gums to allow them to heal. Medications can be used to dull any discomfort and rest is recommended to give your body a chance to recover. The swelling and discomfort usually dissipates within two days and the site can heal in 1-2 weeks.

If you need tooth removal or oral surgery, we invite you to consider Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. We will make the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Always let us know about your fears and anxiety upfront so that we can best prepare for your visit.

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