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Baby, We Love Your Teeth

“Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s On Its Way”

There are so many things your littles love during this time of year! The Easter season is surrounded by all things sweet, fluffy, cuddly, hoppity and new. It’s a fun time for parents as well as they plan, hide and create memories to last a lifetime.

Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry would like to partner with you as you make Easter, 2019 a special memory that will last a lifetime. Moreover, speaking of a lifetime, we'd like to help your child have a happy, healthy smile for a lifetime of optimal dental health.

Filling Their Baskets

Why not consider avoiding the candy aisle to fill your little one’s eggs and basket this year? Sticky and sugar-filled candies lead to cavities and tooth erosion. To fill the eggs try using coins, small tattoos, Legos, hair ties, or stickers. To fill the basket, try getting a stuffed animal she can cuddle. A stuffed animal can also be a great tooth-brushing buddy as well. Your little one can have a fluffy stuffy watch him brush and encourage him in this essential dental habit.

Preventing Dental Problems

As you work hard to make your child’s Easter a memorable one, don’t dismiss the importance of maintaining good oral health at the same time. You can do this by being mindful of the Easter treats you give your child and by booking her a pediatric dentistry appointment at Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry today. We will ensure that your adolescents’ dental needs are met with the care you would expect for your precious little ones.

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