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Are You Flossing Like A Boss, Man?

Fathers Day NecktieHappy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! You all are bosses! You’re in charge of an awful lot and you’re juggling it all like a total boss! How do you make your job look so easy, and still manage to spread your love to your family? Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry would like to offer all you dads a big fist bump and congratulations on this day in June that honors all of you deserving dads.

Flossing is one task that you might not find as important as a man. According to an article in Colgate, “women are more proactive than men in maintaining their teeth and gums.” The article also explains that “women are twice as likely to have received regular dental checkups in the past year, scheduled the recommended treatment following those checkups; and had better indicators of periodontal health, including lower incidence of dental plaque, calculus and bleeding.”

Flossing is one way in which men are able to avoid “incidence of dental plaque.” Flossing helps remove dental plaque buildup. There are over 1,000 bacteria in your dental plaque, which leads to gingivitis. Not flossing also increases your chances of getting cavities between your teeth.

How To Floss Like A Boss 

  • Floss at least one time a day. (Best time is right before bed)
  • Use waxed floss so it won’t shred.
  • Be sure to get between every two teeth and reach to the very back tooth as well.

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