Emma C.
I’m a new patient and had a fantastic first experience! Everyone I came in contact with at the practice was genuine, professional and so nice! The hygienist was incredibly knowledgeable and explained the information she was relaying to me in a way I could understand a little better, since I’m not a dentist! Dr. Forehand was incredibly nice and straightforward. I highly recommend coming here!
Morgan W.
Best dentist I've ever been had! The whole staff is an absolute pleasure! Ellie and Dr. Forehand are honest and informative. There is no sugar coating (pun intended) or misleading guidance offered. I highly recommend this dentistry.
Lynda C.
Best dental experiences in my life! Went through three other dentist when we moved to Charleston. Then four different people recommended Peninsula to us! Amazing new techniques, pain free procedures, wonderful results, and the best, most skilled, & warmest staff ever!! Dr. Wisner is a wizard! (Gotta give props to the slide show!!)
Hayden G.
In addition to offering excellent dental care, each member of the team personalizes their interaction to individual patients. I'm actually RELAXED while my teeth are being cleaned. Dr. Wisner has the best practice in the Charleston area, hands down.
Luanne C.
Peninsula Dentistry is a beautiful, state of the art, CLEAN dental office with a warm and friendly staff. Between the welcoming front desk at my arrival, the incredible hygiene appointment with Tiffany and Dr. McPherson's thorough explanation regarding my treatment, I knew they truly cared about my dental health. I am delighted to find my new dental home!
????? ?.
Highly recommend Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry to everyone, especially Dr. Forehand. Absolutely love their atmosphere and service. Also, they have cool TV on the ceiling that relaxing you while you do your teeth treatment.
Dorree L.
Over many years, i've had more exposure to fine dentistry than most. I am delighted to share that Peninsula is better than any others I've been exposed to. Outstanding knowledge, efficiency, consideration, patience plus willingness to take my needs and preferences into account---always with kindness and a smile. I am delighted to fully recommend, the dentists and staff.
Kiara C.
I called this dental office Fri 6/14/19, and explained how I wasn't able to chew on the left side of my mouth. They scheduled an appointment with me immediately for the following Monday; I had to reschedule and thought my appointment was 6/19/19 and my appointment was actually 6/20/19. I apologized for the misunderstanding and the receptionist made a way for me to get in that same morning since I was already there. I ended up having a root canal, the dental assistants and doctors ensured me that everything was going to be okay and I wouldn't feel a thing. I have bad dental anxiety and going to this dental office was the best office I could have chosen. I based going to this dental office off the reviews that I've read. One of the BEST dental offices that I had the pleasure of going too and as long as I live in Charleston the only dentist I will be a patient.
Trey N.
Very knowledgeable and honest staff. I've been going for cleanings for two years. Never once did they manufacturer a problem that wasn't there. I highly recommend Peninsula Cosmetic Dentistry.
Denise Z
What a great experience. I love the way my teeth feel after they’ve been professionally cleaned. The office is gorgeous. It’s like walking into someone’s living room. The staff is friendly, yet professional. Cutting edge technology coupled with a well educated staff. They are a well run and efficient dental practice, that other professions could learn from.
Ralph P.
State of the art dentistry in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Everyone there is very nice and the whole operation runs very efficiently.
Dr. Wisner and the entire staff are amazing. I would recommend anyone to this office. Everyone is extremely friendly and professional.
John S.
Great experience. Very nice facility. Great atmosphere. Everyone is very gracious and helpful. Jes and Caitlin treated me like royalty. New in town. What a special place
Stephanie T.
As a patient of many years the staff has always been unfailingly knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Their office services are state of the art.
Anna B.
My primary dentist was closed & I fell and broke my front teeth- after seeing the awesome reviews I called to see if they could squeeze me in & they did!! I came in and Dr. Forehand, with a full schedule, perfectly replaced my front teeth! I felt so cared for, and I felt like I could trust the staff even though it was my first time in the office! I will be back for sure
Linda H.
I was pleased at the care I received at my first visit to Peninsula Dentistry. Efficient, effective and friendly! Thanks
Maureen R.
They are a family oriented establishment. Everyone is so friendly is one of their strong points. They're also willing to work with You and the Insurance Co. Thanks Guys for all You do.
Cheryl C.
Dr. Wisner is a knowledgeable and professional dentist. The staff are wonderful and very nice. I trust all of them!
Jen G.
Best dentist ever. I have had HORRIBLE experiences at other dentists and developed a phobia as a result and Peninsula is totally understanding, kind and considerate. Jay and his staff are just the absolute best, I cannot Express it enough! I pass tons of other dentists to get to these guys and if they were 3 hours away, I would probably take the trip to stay with them. Not probably, DEFINITELY. They are that good. I am SO GLAD to finally find a dentist I can TRUST!!
Ciara & Stephen C.
Got my all new teeth and Dr. Forehand and his team did a SUPER job. Made sure even after my 3rd fittings that I could come back without being charged until my dentures fit 100% without issues. Any dental needs I recommend this business from cleanings to dental cosmetic surgery. During the several month long process I never felt pain during the procedure nor healing process. If i could give 100 stars I would.
Topper K.
Amazing staff. Best dentist work I've gotten
Jeremy R.
Always kind and courteous. Would recommend to anyone in a heart beat.
joann j.
Very fast service and kind staff. Dr. Forehand immediately put me at ease and replaced my crown for me in minutes. I was in and out in no time and the entire experience was great. Erin, his assistant, was professional and handled my xrays and prep work efficiently. I appreciated their office getting me in so quickly and taking care of my crown for me. If I didn't live so far away this office would be my first choice for all my dental care.
Debra H.
I love this dentistry. They are thorough. Friendly. And professional!
Brian W.
Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry always does an amazing job! I’ve been going there for years now. No one likes having to go to the dentist. But Peninsula Cosmetic makes that experience about as best as it can possibly be.
Estelle A
Even though the facility name and staff changed, I've been having my Oral Care 30 + years prior. Will not change under the new staff, my most recent visit as well as the others went very well. Doctors Weisner and Forehand as well as the entire staff is very caring.
Rachel C.
I’ve had really bad experiences with this practice and only continued to visit because I liked my dental assistant. I had two fillings done and waited, numbed, in the chair for 40 minutes until the dentist arrived. He then roughly administered my fillings in a haste. I felt like a car in a NASCAR pit stop. My tooth was sensitive for months after but I hesitated to go back after the experience. When I did go for a cleaning and relayed pain my husband was having following a recent visit, the dentist offered to check him but also pointed out proudly how busy the practice is. My husband had a crown put on and he was there four hours. Much of that was also spent waiting for the dentist. He’s been in pain ever since and was told on a follow-up visit that he likely needs a root canal. The practice seems overly crowded now compared to when I first visited four years ago. I hope the practitioners can slow down and reorient towards patient quality over profit.
Eleanor H.
Dr. Forehand and Dr. Wisner are hands down the best dentists I have ever seen. Everyone in the office (from the front desk to the docs) is attentive, informative and easy to deal with. No robot answering machines, no crazy bills coming two weeks after your appointment that you were never warned about, no rushing through your appointment. There’s always a kind receptionist on the other end, an upfront print out detailing any costs and a dentist that takes their time to meet with you. I have sent a handful of people here who were new to the area and I really meant it— Peninsula is THE best in the area (and that’s after trying more than a few)
The last trip to this dental office was one of the best experiences of my life. Sidney was very gentle and constantly asking me if I was ok during my procedure. I don’t like going to a dentist but Peninsula Cosmetic and Family Dentistry you are the greatest.
jenny L.
I highly recommend Dr. Wisner and his staff at Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry! They are very professional, knowledgeable, kind, helpful, and on time. Their office is state of the art, beautifully decorated, and they have a coffee station, which adds a nice touch. I live in Walterboro but am more than willing to drive the hour to this dentist office.
Michelle A.
Dr. Wisner and the crew are awesome!! Every time I go there, I walk out with a smile. A rarity in my younger life as I was always afraid of the dentist. The team at Pennisula are outstanding. I don’t have a favorite hygienist- they are all fabulous????
christine t.
I have been going to them since the practice first opened under Dr Snyder. They are great dentists and have a great facility.
Daniel C.
other than it's costing a arm and a leg and me not being able to eat great job
pat g.
Always a great experience (from someone that does NOT enjoy dental work of any kind)! The tend to make you feel at ease and welcome!
Vicki R.
I've had a fabulous experience with Dr. Wisner and his team. I've had quite a few issues with my teeth and Dr. Wisner has always been professional and competent, but also very patient and caring. His staff is great - friendly and helpful. Dr. Wisner has the equipment in his office to do anything, including creating crowns on the same day as your initial visit. When I had an emergency I could also get in very quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Wisner and his team to anyone in Charleston.
Charles M.
Friendly and professional staff! I can truly say that I look forward to going to the dentist!
William G.
Service was excellent! I was given education about better self care of my dental situation.
jerilyn J
My father visits this dentist and was very pleased with his service from Sidney and the team there.
Linda H.
I feel very confident with my dentist, Dr Weisner, and his staff has always treated me with respect and care.
Suellyn G.
Dr. Forehand and his staff are both professional and friendly. My family and I are very happy with the dental care we have received from Peninsula.
patty w
Dr McPherson and her staff were great. I was a new patient and the front desk worked with my schedule to get me...thanks! the dental staff was informarive and pleasant, and Dr McPherson was great! I will see ya'll in 6ms!
John R.
Strongly recommend Peninsula! They always do a great job with smiles on their faces.
seth s
So, I’m a typical guy that doesn’t like to go to the dentist. This was my first visit to this practice and I was overwhelmingly impressed with the staff and Dr Forehand! I knew going in that I needed a lot of work done but Dr Forehand made me feel at ease and that means a lot since I have terrible anxiety. I want to thank the amazing team for the best dental visit I’ve ever had and strangely enough, I’m not stressed about the work that I have to have done in the future. This practice does it RIGHT! Doctor Forehand is THE best DOCTOR I have ever been to, not just dentist but doctor, period! He cares for his patients and staff like an honorable gentleman should. Him and his staff have my upmost respect and I recommend anyone and everyone to at least check this practice out.
Aaron L.
Very quality facility, super thorough and nice staff.
Pat B.
I enjoy my visit to this dentist every time I go. They are efficient, well managed, latest technology, courteous and an immaculately clean environment. 5 Stars. I have recommended my Real Estate clients to them and they were also impressed. Kelley is my hygienist and Dr. Wisner is my Dentist. They have a wonderful Insurance Plan they have created too. I've been a patient there for 10 years now. They are excellent on cosmetic repairs too. They don't oversell you, ever. See you in 6 mos. Pat Broghamer
Been to several dentists in the area. My friend recommended me to them after several horrible experiences with other providers. I will say the staff and my experience with Penisula have exceeded all my expectations. Their reccomendations are straight forward and to the point and I definitely applaud them and recommend them to anybody.
Dali M.
I went to peninsula cosmetic & family dentistry this past week for my first dentist appointment out of my native country and I feel that I found the perfect place, all the staff is super kind and make you feel comfortable and safe. Thank you, guys. I had one of my best experience in a dentistry.
Paul K.
The staff is highly dedicated to premium dental care!
Lisa p.
Love this practice! Very clean! Very professional! Friendly and efficient! Everyone goes out of their way to make your appointment a positive experience. Well done Dr. Wisner and staff!
Jo F.
Dr. Wisner, Dr. Forehand and staff are amazing and so responsive to dental emergencies providing the very best of care. They have always acted quickly to keep our travel plans intact, and even took time handle my out of town daughter's issue. Extremely caring group with state of the art first rate care. Highly recommend them!
Paul G.
As always the entire staff is courteous and professional. The cleaning I received was excellent and extremely thorough. The personal touch makes you feel right at home.
Victoria C.
Wonderful Dr. Wisner and a great staff behind him
Patty W.
I love this practice! I had pain on a Monday morning and had an appointment within the hour and a root canal during the same visit. It was an awesome job and so nice to be taken care of!
Deborah O.
Best experience at the dentist I have ever had. The dentist and staff made me feel so comfortable and were absolutely wonderful. I look forward to coming back for all my dental care needs!!!
John G.
Top quality cleaning and diagnostic care. State of the art instruments and techniques.
Terry L.
This is by far the best dentistry in the low country. Warm and friendly staff, excellent and just down right perfect atmosphere. Don't be rude to your teeth love them and care for them with Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.
Tao R.
Dr. Wisner has been nothing but outstanding dentist. His staff is always pleasant and pleasure when we attend or interact. Our family has used Dr. Wisner after Dr. Snyder retired and passed away. The whole organization is a professional dentistry "class - act" combination.
Tammy B.
My experience is always professional and exceptional.
Cindy R.
Sydney and Dr. Forehand are both very professional, friendly, and gentle. I love the photos that play while I'm getting my teeth cleaned - makes for a very pleasant trip to the dentist - can't believe I said that!!
Dwight&Deb O.
A very welcoming team, with two friendly competent dentists, that don't push unneccesary work on you. Very highly recommend!
Mike S.
Have been to Dr Wisner’s office several times over the years and every time I go I am reminded of how incredible the entire staff is with their customer service. Professional, knowledgeable and just nice people!! No reason to go anywhere else.
Tim B.
Outstanding service and care. I've never been a huge fan of going to the dentist, even if only for a cleaning However, from the second I walked in until I left, I felt welcome and comfortable. You gotta watch the random slides displayed on the monitor placed on the ceiling, it was certainly to icing on the cake of a great experience. I would highly recommend and I now call them "my" dentist moving forward.
Scott P.
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Forehand’s for almost 3 years and the level of service provided by him and his staff is unmatched by any other practice I assure you. After my very first appointment as a new patient, Dr. Forehand gave me his personal cell in the event an emergency ever came up. I though this was a nice gesture, but never thought something would ever come up. Fast forward 2 years and I had a major tooth ache over Easter weekend. I called his cell and within 30 min on Easter Sunday I had a phone call from Dr. Forehand scheduling my procedure that week. Turns out I needed an emergency root canal and he agreed to do the procedure immediately - the same day he we was scheduled to leave on vacation with his family. After everything was said and done, he told me to call him on his vacation to make sure I was feeling like my old self. Within a matter of hours I was able to eat food without issue and I let him know via text in which he replied back almost immediately. I highly recommend Dr. Forehand to anyone. He is literally the best dentist I’ve ever encountered. Dr. Forehand is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and has a genuine personality that makes the experience one of the best you’ll ever have as a patient.
Susan S.
First of all, the staff is friendly, accommodating, professional. When I have a dental issue, they get me in immediately. I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Wisner. He makes me comfortable and he has a pleasant personality. I was having an issue Christmas eve day. I called in hopes he could give me something to ease the pain until after Christmas. He insisted I meet him at the office. He called in Amy, whom i love, and they performed a root canal. I would highly recommend Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.
Deborah S.
Excellent level of dental care.
Brittany R.
I absolutely love Peninsula and recommend it to everyone I know! Everyone there is wonderful and Dr Wisner and Dr Forehand are both very knowledgeable and friendly and make the whole experience so much more pleasant than what you would normally expect from a trip to the dentist. I cannot recommend them enough!
Tyler M.
Dr Wisner is the best dentist ive ever been to. He is fast, friendly, and very competent. He has a very steady hand and never caused me one ounce of pain. He transformed my smile and did an outstanding job with my implant. The staff is AWESOME! You seriously cannot find a more friendly and welcoming group of people.
Fred S.
Kelly, the hygienist, and Dr Forehand are very professional and thorough. The entire office staff are wonderful. They will make sure you are taken care of. The offices and equipment are tops. No brainer!
Monique A.
I love my dentist and everything that goes with him. The office is beautiful and clean. The rooms are wonderful because you get to watch this slideshow of goofy pictures while they work on your teeth. The hygienists are always extremely sweet and do such an amazing job you don't even realize they are cleaning your teeth. My dentist is funny, sweet, and honest about telling me about my teeth. He will explain in depth what is going on and what he suggests should happen next. I am grateful for finding a dentist I actually look forward to seeing.
Peninsula Dentistry is the best! They are kind and helpful, plus they do a great job. Most highly recommended.
Veldana N.
You never hear anyone saying "I love going to the dentist" but I love going to THIS dentist! The office is clean and inviting. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!
Chris R.
Peninsula Dentistry is a very professional group of people. They have the latest technology and show great care for their patients. I would highly recommend them. I had a tooth chip and they got me in the same day.
Lindsey S.
Convenient location, excellent service and care. I would highly recommend Dr. Wisner and his team to all.
Emma C.
I’m a new patient and had a fantastic first experience! Everyone I came in contact with at the practice was genuine, professional and so nice! The hygienist was incredibly knowledgeable and explained the information she was relaying to me in a way I could understand a little better, since I’m not a dentist! Dr. Forehand was incredibly nice and straightforward. I highly recommend coming here!
Morgan W.
Best dentist I've ever been had! The whole staff is an absolute pleasure! Ellie and Dr. Forehand are honest and informative. There is no sugar coating (pun intended) or misleading guidance offered. I highly recommend this dentistry.
Shawn N.
As someone who is generally terrified of going to the dentist, Jay and the entire staff at Peninsula Family Dentistry make me feel so comfortable and at ease (with no pain at all...something that is really important for me given my anxiety about going to the dentist!). The office is beautiful, and everyone is so friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Everything was explained clearly to me so I knew exactly what to expect, which further helped alleviate my fears. Most importantly, of course, the work I've had done here is honestly the best I've ever received. Highly recommended!
Derek R.
They are a great team. I always have a great experience when I am there.
Demi T.
The most friendly and caring staff I have ever had at a Dentist or Doctor office!
Alex J
Superb experience. Extremely professional, sophisticated, and talented group of folks. Very accommodating, high-end, and reasonably priced. It's hard to know who to choose, especially for something so important as your teeth, but you won't be disappointed. If you traditionally don't like the dentist - give these guys a try. You may change your mind. Thank you for your great work!
Patrick R.
Excellent service! My dental hygienist Jannelle is absolutely wonderful and Dr. Forehand is an incredibly nice guy! I felt valued and appreciated. It’s also an awesome set-up. Very clean, and a really nice group of staff members.
Lynn H
Best dental experience ever! This is a well organized, friendly office that delivers a very thorough, professional service. If you're reading this, you're probably looking for dental care. Stop looking and book an appointment!
Aaron L
Couldn’t have had a better experience. Superb in every way.
Nabila O
Dr. Wisner is an outstanding dentist
Zenia F
Every visit is a great experience! Thanks to the best dentists Dr.Wisner, Dr. Forehand and an awesome professional staff. I will forever be grateful to The Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.
Carla M.
The staff is so friendly at Peninsula Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. They made me feel very comfortable. They even provided a blanket when I got cold. Over the years of having bad experiences at the dentist office, I've developed a phobia; however, Dr. Forehand was so easy-going and gentle, there was nothing to worry about. He gave me enough anesthetics so I didn't feel any pain. He was truly a pleasure to be around, and I will continue to go there for my dental needs. I highly recommend Dr. Forehand.
Merrill G
The service here is outstanding and the employees are the friendliest. I travel over 50 miles just to continue my services here.
Tracy W
I highly recommend this dental practice and especially my dentist Dr. Adam Forehand!!! The entire staff is friendly....the office is comfortable and inviting....the level of competence and skill is outstanding!!! Do yourself a favor and call for a new patient consult. You will never fear going to the Dentist again
Jill C
Always receive wonderful care at Peninsula Dentistry .Very caring staff and dentists .
Jessica B
The office is nice and clean. The slideshow on the tv screens on the ceiling are always entertaining. The dental hygienists and dentists are extraordinary, professional, friendly, and seem to love their profession and their patients. I always leave with a sparkling smiley face.
Christine W
Excellent staff. Very friendly. Answers any questions you have.
Mandy A
Dr. Wisner was absolutely amazing. He truly transitioned my smile painlessly! Becca was amazing as well! She was able to keep me calm, yet keep me excited about my new smile! They were truly a phenomenal team! I can’t say enough wonderful things about them!
Anthony G.
Great staff that does great work, top to bottom. I am super satisfied with my decision to go to Peninsula for my dental needs!!!
Stephanie H
I LOVE coming to the dentist! All of the staff is so friendly. Highly recommend.
Harriet F
We love th dentists and their lovely staff at Peninsula! The staff makes everyone feel comfortable. My kids have been going there since they were two and they’re almost 11 now. They’ve never been afraid to go to the dentist. Our whole family loves Peninsula!
Excellent experience and service! Strongly recommend!
Linda N
Great experience!! The office is very nice and clean and the dr and staff are very nice and do a wonderful job!
Rob Kryz
Great staff, reasonable costs, top of line dentists.
Kevin N.
We are new to town and so happy to have found our forever dental team. You know you are going to like a city when you love your dentist
Allison F
My family and I love this dental office. All of the staff are friendly and courdious. The office is comfortable and welcoming. Dr. Forehand is wonderful. Highly recommended for the whole family.
Ashley F
Dr. Wisner and his staff are the most kind and considerate dentist office I have ever attended. I have never had anything the best experience there. Never had any pain and they never tried to sell me anything I didn’t need. Deb was particularly helpful, in explaining my insurance benefits.
David D
Never disappoint. Class act front to back.
marie m
Everyone is so nice and professional!Never a long wait.... been going here for years ......would recommend them to all!
Jennifer J
Always a great experience at Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. Dr. Forehand and Dr. Wisner are the best, and all of the staff are super friendly and professional. They make quick and reasonable work of any dental problem and I'm always comfortable. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Pat K
This visit was just for routine cleaning and the service was it’s usual EXCELLENT fashion. Dr. Wisner continues the excellent care that I have received from this practice for years! Howard would be thrilled. PKelly, MD
michael j
Everybody there is the best especially Bekah!
Bryan H
Great place to have dental work done- friendly and professional staff over the years!
christi v
Always a great experience! Dr. Wisner and his team are great! Friendly atmosphere and a very nice office where everyone works well together!
Craig C.
Dr. Forehand & his team are the best. They check in with you post-op, are available to talk when you call and always are looking out for you. Thanks Doc!
April D
Excellent! I highly recommend! Everyone is very knowledgeable and very kind as well! The entire office is very helpful and friendly.
Suzanne B
The dentist is not my favorite place to go, I'm not going to lie... But I was referred to Dr. Wisner by my sister-in-law. I can honestly say that in all of my years, this was truely the best experience I've had at the dentist. The staff was amazingly friendly and personable, I didn't feel judged, and Dr. Wisner spent lots of time making sure I was comfortable and educated on what was happening. I will definitely be going back, and I'll be the least apprehensive that I've ever been about going to the dentist:)
Dottie P
I became a new patient of Dr. Wisner today. I was welcomed very graciously and by the time I left I felt like I had made new friends with Dr. Wisner and Sydney. The office is a welcome addition to my neighborhood. Dottie Prevost
Margaret P
Best dental experience I ever had!!!! The staff was extremely friendly and made me feel really comfortable. I have already told my family, friends and co-workers about my time there.
Nealoo M
Love DR Wisner and staff
Nancy W
The wonderful Wizard!
Stephanie C
Always a wonderful experience! The care and concern for pain management is exemplary . Fun personalities and special attention . HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Samantha H
Dr. Forehand is terrific! Best dentist I've ever had. He's so caring, goes out of his way to make sure you're comfortable, and is clearly very competent & knowledgeable. We recently moved away and I wish I could bring him here. I've already had a completely terrible dental experience since moving; sigh. I would highly recommend Dr. Forehand and Peninsula Dentistry.
Wendy P
Very professional and friendly and are very considerate about pain control and management. Pain free experience.!
Clara H
I had a great experience at Peninsula Cosmetic and Family Dentistry as usual. I so appreciate the competent and caring staff!
Christi B
Everyone at Peninsula was very nice and professional. Highly recommend!
liam m
Fantastic practice, clean office, friendly and capable staff. I am new to Charleston and really glad I found Dr. Wisner.
Lauren S
Great service
All the staff are incredibly friendly. I would recommend them to anyone.
silas m
The experience was the best ever. The staff was friendly and courteous
Lynn W
Excellent staff, State of the art facility. Very welcoming
Ruth H
We moved here a little over a year ago. Our son and daughter-in-law recommended Dr. Wisner to us, now our whole family goes to Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. Dr. Wisner and the staff were very welcoming to us and are always friendly and cheerful. Although it is quite a drive for us, I find the office/facility aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable. Overall, I give the practice a 5 star rating!
Wanda H
It was excellent experience, very thorough and informative! I was very pleased with my visit
Sherry Y
Great customer service! Their office is so inviting! Very little wait times and easy going staff.
Christopher C
The best of the best! I can’t wait for my next cleaning!
Angelica S
Everyone at the office is very professional and friendly. I am doing the 6 month braces and have had a great experience so far.
Jenny L
The staff and service here are excellent!
Kathy S
We had our second experience at this practice this morning and I can't recommend them highly enough! Complete professionals from the minute you walk in the door. Everyone is welcoming and puts you at ease. Thank you, Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for taking such good care of our family.
Mark R
The best dentistry!!! Dr Forehand and his team takes very good care of me and my family. Thank you for everything you do!!!
Robin G
Fantastic dentist and practice! I highly recommend!
Sara B
No judgment. Clean, professional and friendly.
Heidi S
Good experience with multiple hygienists and both with Dr. Wisner and Dr. Forehand!
Benjamin C
Dr Forehand is a wonderful dentist. My 8 year old daughter needed a partially cracked tooth removed and had to have a spacer placed. He stayed late and put her at ease. He completed quality work in the same day. Thanks Dr. Forehand!
Amy C
Friendly staff, excellent care. Highly recommend Peninsula Dentist
Daniel R
I have always disliked going to the dentist. In the past I would only go if I had an issue. Recently I have had a change of heart. I went to see Dr. Forehand after breaking a tooth. He was well aware that I was more than a bit nervous so he offered me the option of sedation. What a difference that made. He completed a root canal and a crown in the same visit. And it was the permanent crown, not one that would have to be replaced in a few weeks! They make it there and in my case even offered to let me watch. I opted instead to stay laid back relaxing. The staff was awesome and made me feel more comfortable that I ever have in a dental office. I have scheduled my next appointment already. This time without sedation, because they are just that good!
Mary K
I have had nothing but great experiences with both Dr. Wisner and Dr. Forehand. The office is very clean and updated, and they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Almost make going to the dentist enjoyable! After having seen a dentist who told me I had 8 cavities, it is wonderful to go to someone I can trust. I'd recommend them to anyone.
carolyn h
Great people, great place, great docs, great employees.
Paul F
Nice dentists and staff.
Harold M
Wisner rocks! Good staff and good service from all.
Regina G
These guys are super awesome!
Tiki K
Dr. Forehand is the best Dentist I have ever been to. He goes out of his way to keep you comfortable and he cares more about the job he does than the almighty dollar!! He is the best Charleston has.
Julia L
I could not say enough positive things to describe this office and the people that work there, especially Dr. Wisner!
Jeanne R
Hilarious. I'm under the gas and drugs right now so I'd be interested to see how it compares once in no longer under the influence, but. Seriously, best dentist ever!!
Charissa O
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Todd A
Excellent visit. Thank you.
Bridgette B
Dr. Wisner and his staff deserve 5+ stars!! I'm so pleased with the decision to switch my family to his office, it was long overdue. He doesn't try to sell you expensive treatment plans, he will advise what is necessary, and is professional in every way, along with his entire staff. We are very happy!
Heath H
The moment you walk in the door at Peninsula Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, you are greeted by smiling faces that always remember your name, treat you like family, and do everything in their power to make your visit relaxing and productive. Their new office is amazing with an inviting waiting room, although you won't be there long since wait times are practically zero. I've been going to them for years and they are hands down the best dental expierience you can have.
Shica G
Great staff and great service!!
Chris C
Great dental office. Been going for years.
Michael H
Best service ever outstanding
Stacey B
Beautiful and clean space with very professional staff. Our family been going to Peninsula for about 3 years and have had only too notch experiences.
Katie O
I have had a great experience every time I have visited Peninsula Dentistry over the past four years. All of the hygienists are great, and they take wonderful care of teeth!
Greg M
I've been going here for 4 years with no negative experiences. Nice facilities, nice people. Highly recommend.
Renee W
Wonderful dentist and wonderful staff!