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Girl Holding Fingers Around Her EyesIf someone says you were tongue-tied, they may be referring to your inability to speak freely for some reason. This is how tongue-tied is described according to the Urban Dictionary. However, being tongue-tied, medically speaking, is a condition that is also called ankyloglossia. It is a condition that describes when a person has tissue attached to the underside of the tongue and base of the mouth. The attached tissue is very tight, thick, or is extending particularly far forward in the mouth. This creates an inability for your tongue to move freely, which can make it feel “tied” down.

Tongue-ties are easily diagnosed when infants may be struggling to breastfeed or suck. Latching onto a nipple of any kind becomes almost impossible and can lead to other more serious issues with the mom and baby. Weight gain for baby might become an issue. Clicking noises might accompany breastfeeding if your baby has a tongue-tie.

If you suspect that your baby has a tongue-tie, you will want to get it evaluated. If it is determined that your baby has a tongue tie it will need to be untied or released. The thought of any type of surgery for your baby can be fearful as parents.

Peninsula Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has a very special laser used to fix a tongue-tie for infants and adults. Our LightWalker Erbium Laser is useful for a less invasive and more pleasant procedure for you and your baby. Come see how our lasers are another way we fulfill our commitment to a patient-centric care practice.

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